Systems, equipments & automation products related to fire fighting & hazard management applications.

As a special systems developer we came across needs for modernization of equipment & systems for hazardous fire situations needing a quick response and other situations where a remote working would be preferred considering the aggressive nature of a given situation.

This prompted us to study the ground reality & needs for appropriate equipment. The requirements are quite multifarious from modern technology products for routine situations to high level automation and robotics important for facing big hazards relevant to petro & chemical plants & warehouses.

Chats with the valiant officers of fire department revealed the requirements & gave us a good understanding of their needs and priorities. We then took up development of products like fire bike for immediate needs and also worked on full-fledged robotic solutions.

We have tied up with specialist companies from Europe & Taiwan and are able to offer a range of solutions.

We are providing the following products as standard systems :

Fire Fighting Motorcycles

The fire department are commonly equipped with fire tenders of medium to large capacities as well as various peripherals & pumps etc. At time the equipment is rather big to reach locations that do not have adequate access or roads. This results in fire getting spread to all the surrounding and leading to a grave situation. Easily deployable mobile solutions could mean a quick response and corresponding containment of fire preventing it from spreading. A fire fighting motorcycle addresses this need.

The fire-fighting motorcycles are available in two versions :


A Himalayan bike from Royal Enfield, fitted with a high pressure, low flow pump & water tanks with about 50 ltrs storage capacity. The pump can generate a spray reaching upto say 15 meters with a suitable nozzle suitable for mist generation.

The bike comes fitted with the usual needs like foam cylinders, first aid equipment, alarm systems & siren etc.

A Bullet Classic from Royal Enfield or other similar vehicle fitted with a low pressure high flow system meant for effective deployment of foams.

It includes 100 Ltrs + onboard water storage and inbuilt, battery driven pump, compressors, foam dozer etc.

This advanced system can work as water spray, air water mixed spray, air water foam combination etc. & nozzles that provide a variety of spray pattern. The foam is a special bio degradable, vegetable oil based formulation that is very economical with just 0.2 to 0.5 % dozing. The foam results in a film that prevents re-igniting for several hours.


Many advancements can be provided on the bikes since these are designed & developed by our team in our own factory in Pune.


Introducing the New …..VARUN

Varun is a versatile Compact Unmanned Ground Vehicle designed to support troops and firemen in risk areas.

Specially built for Indian conditions, it is able to move on all types of terrain. This Robot will be actuated & monitored from a far distance from fire zone and controlled by a remote control with multiple functions for directing the water jet /foam etc. suitably.

The Robot is provided with vision system in the form of day/night vision camera plus a thermal imaging camera and bright lighting etc. to facilitate navigation. All these functions are controlled from the remote operation panel.

The Robot can be equipped with many more field devices as may be needed for various applications.

This can be mounted on many convenient vehicles & small fire tenders. This Water + Air + Foam spraying system is a very effective fire-fighting solution. The vehicle can have an on board tank of 300 – 1000 ltr capacity. The system would deliver upto 40 ltrs water per minute with dozing of 0.2 to 0.5 % foam content and aerated with compressed air from the system for generating a fine particle spray for more effectiveness.

This product from our French Partner is a highly rated PPV suiting most indoor & basement fire situations.

The compact, 25 Kg, petrol engine driven unit is easily deployable. This patented PPV provides a very directed high volume high velocity air flow that helps in displacing the trapped smoke & soot and achieving a good visibility in a very short time.

The PPV can also be used for generating substantial foam for flooding the affected areas and control the situation effectively.